why personalize?
every guest has specific needs and preferences, generic marketing of services drives customers away

offering the right services to guests makes them feel special and results in enhanced customer experience
we help hotels identify their guests needs
do you know all this about your guests?
services they like
which services each of your guests like
frequency of use
what's the probability of a guest using a service
impact of deals
how guests are reacting to promos and deals
we add a personal touch to services
why offering the right services to each guest is critical?
an uninterested guest
feels annoyed
is unlikely to use services
becomes reluctant to engage
diminishes brand value
negative business impact
reduced loyalty
impact of generic marketing
generic marketing can harm your brand and customer loyalty
an interested guest
feels privileged
is likely to use services
engages better going forward
increases brand value
positive business impact
increased loyalty
personalize with very little manual effort
automated process to reduce dependency on staff
the service preferences of each guest
guests about the services they like
create & share
personalized deals with each guest